Designing Wicked Problems Workshop | Monday, July 9, 2018

Ideation is the formation of new ideas or concepts. Good designers structure their ideation in be more creative and engage others. To ideate as a group, members need to be playful, open, and structured with their thinking.

Collaborative sketching is an example of group ideation:

InnoGPS, Jianxi Luo, Singapore University of Technology and Design

The eureka moment or creative leap requires surprise. The process of evolution in the natural world is understood as a reaction to surprise (changes in the natural environment). How can we be more creative and surprising with our ideas? Some strategies explored in the field of artificial intelligence include:



[3] Mutation,

[4] First Principles;

O-14 Building Rieser and Umemoto

O-14 Building Rieser and Umemoto

and [5] Emergence;

Coca Cola Boxes and Medicine Packaging

Coca Cola Boxes and Medicine Packaging

Blur Building

Blur Building


Today's activity: 

1. Unstructured Brainstorming - (5 Minutes)

2. Structured Brainstorming - Mind Map (5 Minutes)

3. Group Brainstorming - C-Sketch (5 Minutes)


How to choose an idea? 


Concept Selection